Transitional Green Build Kitchen

This green-build project shows that it’s possible to merge beauty, functionality and high standards for ecological building.

The design process included a thorough vetting of all materials and products used – not only for energy efficiency and environmentally friendly production, but also for emissions during use, allergens, etc.

The clients were both busy business professionals with a toddler and one more on the way, so the solution had to be family friendly and livable as well. The solution blends the more modern taste of one and a more transitional/traditional taste of the other into a bright and welcoming home.

The harmony of the solution comes from making good use of the different materials, and integrating them thoughtfully throughout; from cabinets to windows and millwork, wood flooring, tiled showers and paint colors.

A particularly enjoyable aspect of the project included creating and detailing the kitchen cabinetry, incorporating the dark window trim and white millwork used throughout the home.