Timeless and Stylish Modern Living

This stylish and timeless home shows that a modern style interior can still feel warm, inviting and highly liveable.

Our collaboration with Summerwell homes has been a very interesting and rewarding journey towards helping their clients create their dream homes. It started out with creating the overall concepts for four different color palettes that we could use throughout the 16 homes. This included forecasting trends, demographics and needs of the buyers as well as the development team. The next step was to create a showpiece home, and finally to work with clients on tailoring their house to their tastes and needs.

The first home, lot 8, was created to be welcoming to many different types of personal tastes, while showing the possibilities to create a custom like product for the end user.

The concept used as base for this particular home was light and shadow. There’s a lot of play with textures for example the great room fireplace where the structured tiles create a subtle wave pattern of light and shadows. The hexagon lighting fixture adds another element with the shadow it casts along the wall at certain times in the evening.