Mountain view cottage charm

The view from this Seattle cottage is truly stunning with the mountains as backdrop, but the charming little house also holds many details to enjoy from the inside.

When the time came to renovate this 1940’s bungalow located in Ballard, Seattle, we were invited to create a design that allows for this busy family of four to be able to spend time together and host their extended family for various gatherings.

The result is an open style floor plan with room to entertain, that includes an integrated living-dining area at the front of the house, a kitchen to the side, and in the back a family room with built-in cabinetry and double doors to the garden.

The master bedroom and one bathroom, which also was updated, are also located on this floor. We were able to expand the size of the kitchen to accommodate multiple cooks, while maintaining a discreet view from the dining and living rooms.

The goal was to maintain a timeless design, but keep it interesting with fresh colors and unexpected patterns. Working together with the client, we ended up with a calm palette with some stronger accents to form a neutral but intriguing backdrop to furnishings and of course to the view of the Puget Sound.