Classic Romantic Bathroom

The wish list for this bathroom renovation was long and challenging. The family needed a bathroom that could accommodate bath space for kids as well as spa time for mom, was spacious enough for two people and an aesthetic that complimented the English Tudor architecture of the home.

The original bathroom had been built out of necessity with no consideration to overall function or aesthetic. It was cramped, barely allowing two people to move in the space. The young couple was desperate for an updated bathroom that would accommodate their growing family and provide a space for relaxation after a long day at work.

By opening up the old bathroom and merging it with unused attic space and an oversized closet we created a larger footprint with a functional layout for two. The window was frosted, providing daylight while maintaining privacy through the frosted finish. Keeping the color scheme light and subdued, tying together the different patterns and textures through a variety of blueish grays and white, the space is now bright and inviting.

The showstopper of the bathroom is a custom claw foot tub, with beautiful hardware and painted in just the right nuance of gray. The tiled shower is tucked into a recessed space, and with a half wall between the shower and the vanity it almost feels like its own room. Keeping the style and adding to the romantic touch, the rest of the space is clad in light gray wainscoting and a romantic wall paper.