Since 2018, Six Walls Interior Design offers design services from two locations, Seattle/Mercer Island and Denver. The Mercer Island Design Studio offers a truly immersive design experience with access to our dynamic design team, full-scale kitchen setups, and a wide array of material samples for all surfaces of the home. The Denver location offers the expertise of Dawn on-site and access to the entire team as needed, as well as a unique showroom experience, available by appointment only.

Seattle + Mercer Island Design Studio

Welcome to our Mercer Island Design Studio, the original home of our creative powerhouse! This is where we collate ideas and materials into beautiful and coherent concepts.

On your first visit we’d love to find out more about your project and line you up with one of our designers. If it’s a kitchen or bath project, you’ll get to work with our kitchen and bath specialist, either as main designer or as part of a larger design team. A project can be anything from just ordering kitchen cabinets or a special reading chair to full design and decorating of an entire home.

When sourcing products for a project, we always start with looking at style and budget requirements. We then research our wide network of suppliers, including any suggested by the client, to find an appropriate mix of materials and products. The displayed items in our studio have been chosen carefully for their excellent quality and design opportunities, representing but a fraction of the available possibilities.

Denver Design Studio

Our Denver location was established in 2018, when our founder and CEO Dawn relocated there to build another successful Six Walls site. Starting out fresh, we decided to create a unique showroom experience, which is available by appointment.