Meet our designer Victoria: Inspired by nature

There are a number of influences on my work as a designer, and a significant one is the beauty of our Natural World. Who doesn’t love the deep rich colors and visual textures we find everyday around our homes, gardens, parks… even walking down a sidewalk… everywhere in our lives. I recently spent another wickedly fun vacation in Yellowstone National Park. I was in constant awe of the beauty that presented itself every day. It is what draws me back year after year.

Just before a thunder, lightning, gully-washer rain storm, the sky was filled with ominous clouds in deep purple grey, with the open skies a lighter, brighter blue grey, all just above the enormous valleys with sharp outlines of pine trees, lush deep greens, and hills golden from summer’s long sunny days.

Along a meandering stream, were rich olive and golden green cattails and a herd of bison. The giant bulls, with their charcoal and deepest brown shaggy coats, bellowing at the females for their attention. I am not sure if the “bison ladies” appreciated all that I was taking in, but I was so moved by the colors, textures, variations…that I had to tell you my story.

My traveling partner, other than “my guy” is “my boy” Bobby–my four year old golden retriever. We were all Happy Campers! Incorporating the colors and textures of nature are an easy and natural thing to do in our homes. We are blessed in the Pacific Northwest to live in an area of such great beauty. Using rock, granite, marble, quartz and countless colors and hues of tiles…richly colored wood floors, complimentary colored tones of paint on walls…it is all ours to live with!

Here are some examples of how my inspiration from the wild could translate into color schemes and designs.

This bathroom was designed by my colleague, Emily Doden, as part of this project.


More images from this Modern NW Cabin Getaway designed by my colleague Emily Doden can be found here.